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How to Sell my Gift Card and get Naira in Nigeria Immediately

Who else wants to know how to sell gift cards for Naira in Nigeria apart from my customers who are already enjoying a lot by selling to me already?

sell gift card naira

This article will teach you how to exchange gift cards online and how to convert iTunes to Naira in Nigeria. 

How to Sell ITunes Gift Card to Naira, Sell Amazon Gift Card for Naira, Steam, Google Play etc

If you are looking to convert free gift cards you got from points or online surveys especially ecodes or you want to exchange walmart gift card to cash, redeem itunes card, redeem gift cards as a nigerian, or sell iTunes and steam wallet gift cards online then this post is for you too.

Why the rush?

Common let the old man at Walmart rest because I can trade and sell gift cards for Naira for you.

Ok, so are you doubting us? We will show you more reason why you shouldn't and why we turn out to be best gift card trading platform in Nigeria, Ghana, Africa and all over the world.

So why should you trust us;

1. We have direct iTunes and Amazon accounts to redeem your Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards and other gift cards exchange online profile to aid selling gift cards to us.

2. We assure better rates than other platforms e.g We buy iTunes gift cards as high as N26,000 for $100 (although rate changes sometimes). Who can beat that?

3. Some websites don't have good customer support or care. But I'll be at your service to explain anything you don't know about gift cards to you. 

4. I need long term trading partners such that in the long run what I'll gain from you will be high instead of scamming you a $100 card that is worth peanuts. I need up to $20,000 worth of gift cards everyday😂 so there is absolutely no way I can scam you

5. Continue reading this post for more😊.

How can I Sell my Gift Card for Naira?

Many times, you've been on Pax trading and even Googled how to sell iTunes gift card on Nairaland. I'm glad I could help you someday. Which is today.

We're a verified business. We've done a lot of gift card trading for people in the past. Cards like Steam was among and we even helped with the conversion of PayPal to money instantly.

Our rates:

$100 = ₦26,000
$50 = ₦13,000
$25 = ₦5,500
Australia = ask
Euro = ask
Great Britain = ask
Other Countries = ask

Rate might have changed when you are messaging me from the last time I updated this page, so no complaints please!

How to Contact Us:

Here are our trade rules:
1. Kindly save our Phone number to get rate updates and daily payment proofs VERY IMPORTANT.

2. Be patient after sending us a message, we will reply as soon as possible.

3. Payment is within 2 minutes after Gift cards or Bitcoin confirmation.

4. No point asking if we are real. Here, at BigSam Tech we give customers satisfaction and we want more customers (YOUR CAN ALWAYS REQUEST FOR VIDEO CALLS, PLEASE DON'T ABUSE IT AS WE WOULDN'T TOLERATE THAT)

5. Do not upload card or send Bitcoin if I don't ask you to.

6. After payment, I'll send you payment receipt (screenshot).

7. After trading with us, please refer your friends.

WhatsApp/Text☎:  +2348110339644 or Message us directly here


Proof of Payment:

sell gift card payment proof

Selling gift cards to get Naira is made easy with Big Sam trading services. Learn more about us and contact us here.

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